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Declaration of service cooperation (modernizations, retrofits, and exchanges), service cooperation, commercial cooperation and instructional cooperation.


ul. Piłsudskiego

141 92-318 Łódź



Ladies and Gentlemen, the SIMLOGIC company, in its current structure, functions on the Polish market since 2007. However, our origins can be traced back as far as to the 1990s. Our company gained numerous instructional certificates and reference letters as an outcome of the completed assignments, extended cooperation and accomplished tasks.

SIMLOGIC is a team of coworkers of different age, most notably with  technical skills and educational backgrounds. We are well aware of the value of human work and we perform our tasks with the respect for a client. We are trustworthy and due to this fact we have received numerous positive references for companies that we have co- worked with. Our company is in the constant development and gaining practical experience is crucial for us. We undertake the assignments that are difficult, time-consuming and require our full commitment. That is why SIMLOGIC is a highly-specialized engineering-technical company for which nothing is impossible.

SIMLOGIC's main focus is industrial automation, based on the the full-scale solutions of companies including AMK, BECKHOFF, EATON, SIEMENS, HARTING and T-H. We are experienced in:

- programing and servicing automation devices,

- control systems,

- SCADA visualizations,

- power transmission systems,

- communication networks and  their effective diagnostics,

- algorithms of machine control,

- accommodating machines to  safety requirements, including safety audits and measurement of ground roll time.

Our both cohesive and congeneric structure (departments of Drive Technology and Service, Programing, Drivers and Industrial Networks, Training, Research and Scientific-Technological Solutions, Design, Machine's Safety, Machine Visualization Systems and Processes, Distribution of Components and Software) is prepared to fulfill your full requirements in terms of supporting machines, work, resolving technical problems, optimizing machines work, supplying equipment and software, and organizing technical trainings. In the undermentioned declaration, we would like to briefly present the range of our services and to propose cooperation in the following areas:


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